Terms and Conditions

  1. Overseaspages promotes local businesses which are of interest to local and overseas visitors. 
  2. Advertisements inciting violence, promoting sexually explicit material and anti-social material will be refused. Listings with incomplete Business details will not be approved.
  3. Featured Worldwide Listings: Top position on HOME, COUNTRY or CATEGORY page - with company Image, Name and URL link for 1 month or more.
  4. Regular Business Listing:  Written description with 4 images, address, telephone, url and email.
  5. Upload your business description, URL, email address, telephone number to be published on this site.  Regular Listings are published only once.  Listings with incomplete Business details will not be approved.
  6. All enquiries go directly to you via your telephone, your website or your email. 
  7. Bookings and Reservations are handled directly by you. 
  8. We verify all Listings and rely on submitted information We are not liable for any incorrect information uploaded.
  9. Please ensure that all details supplied are correct, up to date and complete.
  10. You can cancel your Listing or Advertisement in writing at any time without any penalties. Please email cancellation to [email protected]. 
  11. There will be no data sharing nor selling of any business information listed on Overseaspages, with any third parties.
  12. We do not offer Affiliate programme to other end users.
  13. There are no contractual obligations for advertisers beyond their monthly paid Featured advertisements.
  14. There are No hidden charges or fees for our listings.  These can be cancelled at any time by emailing [email protected]
  15. Overseaspages will use images from your website listing for promotions. 
  16. Website/business owners or their Agent’s consent is implicit once listing is accepted and published by Overseaspages 
  17. Adding Your Business to Overseaspages.com signifies that you have accepted our Terms and Conditions
  18. Please update when there are changes to your business information.
  19. We may change a submitted Category if we think a more suitable alternative Category is available.
  20. At end of Paid advertising period, Advertisement will be automatically cancelled.
  21. Overseaspages does not use any submitted data for third party marketing such as email marketing, soliciting or otherwise.  Your submitted listing is purely for the purpose of publicity for your business.

Multiple websites containing identical images and texts for different URLs will only be published once!

Regular Free Listing will only be published once in 1 Category Only!



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